About Simply E


My name is Emma Stinson; CEO,  Designer, Weaver, Manufacture and the occasional model behind our continually growing Leather bag brand " Simply E Designs" 


Whats your connection with Leather & Weave?  

Naturally gifted with hands and skill in working with Leather as well as the beautiful leather heritage that comes with it. Growing up as the grandaughter of a family of saddlers, extrodinaries and Talented Craftsmen. I just couldn't let this raw hertiage go to waist. 

My love for all things Woven came naturally with the obsession for both detail and colour. I could control this through designing and hand Weaving Fabric this is where I got the " Weaver Bug" haha 

Why did you decide to go into Wearbles? 

Starting of interiors it wasn't until one year into business I felt the demand for offering practicality in a different direction. 

With Skills in both Weave & Leather I felt there was a place in todays world of Fashion where Tradtional Skills could become a fashion statement rather than for raw purpose.

What is your design concept? 

My handbag designs are a reflection of the crucial demands of busy lives that in society women are subject to, with motherhood, work strains and all the inbetween I wanted to design my bag wear to be practical to meet all the necessary requirements but also be fashionable and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time. 

Exhausting possibilities where possible, mixing old with new and offering a high fashion bag that ticks all the boxes is what I do. 

Is there a reason behind the name Simply E Designs? 

No reason than that it describes me as a person the reflection on my bag designs being simple and the first letter of my name "E" the word Designers was later then added when I knew confidentially that I was primarily a Designer with the ability to manufacture my own products secoend. 

I hope you enjoyed this little brief introduction about me as Designer and in the same time fall in love with both the history and the design purpose for all our Simply E Bag wear. 

Chat Soon, 

Emma x